We, at 2527 (Lawnswood) Squadron, thrive to work as hard as we can to maintain high standards of our squadron band. Proud to say we have a fantastic range of instruments, from trombone to snare drum. From cymbals to saxophone…

Throughout each year we attend many different annual events locally where we play a symphony of true classics, such as: Dambusters, The Great Escape, Dad’s Army and so many more! These local events really do help to promote the squadron. Events like Horseforth Gala, ATC Sunday, and of course, the Remembrance Parade held on Armistice Day are just the local events we do, in addition to Wing Training Day – where 2527 (Lawnswood) Sqn won first place in all of Central and East Yorkshire Wing! Wing Training Day plays a large part of what we do in cadets on a regular basis as this creates a competition between different squadrons to prove who is the best. Of corse we’re not too bigheaded about this annual event however our cadets have a wonderful time and make new friends.

Understandably, band isn’t made for everyone. However, that can be very beneficial as the headcount for the cadets who march behind the band show their dire commitment and always create a positive image which is always a pleasure to see.

So please, come visit us and see for yourself how proud we hold the band during the above events. It truly would be brilliant to see some new faces!

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