Shooting is an important part of a cadets experience. It is a fun activity whether shooting an air rifle on a short, indoor range like the one we have here at 2527 (Lawnswood) squadron, or firing a full bore target rifle on an outdoor long range, most cadets will try shooting and many will continue their training all through their cadet life.

No matter how fun it is, it would be a dangerous activity if it were not for the trained staff that run events and the requirement that all cadets are trained in the safe handling of each rifle individually before they are allowed to fire it. They must also be tested every 6 months to ensure safe standards are maintained. All this training ensures shooting is a safe activity.

Shooting provides more scope for earning rewards (badges) than any other cadet activity with a possible sixteen available across four weapon categories. This ensures cadets have the option for continual development throughout their time in the cadets.

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